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"All of our products are vegan, plastic-free, and plant-based. Each product is carefully designed with nature as inspiration and crafted with plants as the source as well as a strong emphasis on contributing to good causes."

Lydia Li
Founder, Plantish Future

Plantish Future grows with folks who are exploring a vegan, plastic-free, plant-based way of living.

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Solid Dish Soap Bar

This dish soap (8oz) eliminates the need to purchase dish soap in plastic bottles. Gentle for the hands, it cuts grease effectively and pairs perfectly with a dishcloth, loofah, and natural bristle brushes. It is also a powerful stain remover for any oil and stain on fabrics such as sponge cloths and produce bags.

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4.94 average
Over 1800 reviews

These cloths are amazing! They are so versatile and are a great eco-friendly replacement for paper towels. Never going back!


Happy customer

I wish I had bought the entire collection of Swedish sponge cloths because they are so cute! It arrived very quickly.



I am loving this soap bag - it’s scrubby without being too much so, and seems to breath well enough to let the soap dry.



I like this soap dish. I’ve tried others, but they always ended up being messy. This one does stay dryer and is less messy.



To think that this entire store is plant-based is crazy. This cloth and I also got the sponge have been great in my kitchen!



Really happy with all the products! Deodorant works well, shampoo and conditioner have made my hair super soft and shiny, and the razor feels well made and I love the holder it comes with.



Just throw the dish soap block in the sink or rub a sponge on the bar to create lots of soapy bubbles and dishes and pots are clean as a whistle. Best product. Made in Canada. Completely recyclable packaging—even the tape.




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