The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: For Everyone On Your List

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: For Everyone On Your List

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Lydia holding a box full of sustainable products, including festive sponge cloths

The holiday season is all about warmth, and what better way to express your love and appreciation for your loved ones than something unique from different years?

While bigger companies might offer a range of common products, there's something inherently special about finding that one-of-a-kind item natural, plant-based products and more so something locally.

These gems are not just gifts; they're expressions of creativity, care, and eco-consciousness while still celebrating the holidays. So let's dive into some distinctive options that go beyond the ordinary!


box full of eco-friendly products

Best Unique Gifts for Everyone

Searching for the perfect holiday gifts that stand out from the crowd? Look no further – in this section, we're unveiling a collection of unique and eco-friendly presents that will leave your loved ones delighted and amazed by your thoughtful choices.

1. Swedish Sponge Cloths - So Much More Than a Dish Rag

Sure, you can pick up any old dishrag at the big stores, but Swedish sponge cloths? They're a game-changer and have famously been in Swedish kitchens for well over 70 years.

Eco-friendly, super absorbent, and available in the coolest designs, these are so much more than just your average cleaning cloth. Plus, they're a great conversation starter in the kitchen!

These can easily be a main gift but theres tons of versatility to them. My personal favourite is using them as a holiday card but they're great for gift baskets or bundles (especially when you can use them to pad the basket!), or general great at livening up your spaces.

From festive prints to different colours, you'll easily find one that matches what you need while still giving them something physical they'd enjoy.

They're the inspiration for pop up sponges, another plant-based superhero in the kitchen full of diffferent designs to choose from. Pair them together? Now that's a dynamic duo.

bundle of solid dish soap bar, eco sponge, and pot scrubber in a box

 2. Sustainable Saving Bundles & Sets

Whether they're an eco-warrior or just getting started, bundles are the place to be and leaves very little for you to put together! From cleaning essentials you wouldn't want to miss out on to the relaxing oasis of non-toxic bath bombs and other handcrafted items, you'll find them tucked away in one bundle.

If you're looking to add to those cloths, then a soap cake set with a hand brush is a perfect match that will cover those dishwashing needs.

soap scrubber bundle  is always a safe bet and popular gift we've seen but I'm sure you'll find one that'll match best!

wooden diffusers

3. Wooden Diffusers & Other Sustainable Wooden Products

There's so many benefits to using these diffusers instead of those water-based ones with all the messy cords that I touched on in another blog that I can go on about but no cords or water being one of them.

I can't tell you how much of a hassle cleaning a water diffuser can be, let alone the space it takes up and the look of it.

These work with all types of essential oils and are simple as just dropping them onto the little diffuser! It'll naturally do the work and spread those aromatic scents around your space. Compostable and FSC Certified, you can enjoy them guilt-free. 

Not quite the fit? Check out these beautiful bamboo products

Best Gifts for Starting on Your Sustainable Journey

Starting on a sustainable journey can be an exciting and impactful endeavor but it can also be the most intimidating.

That's why it's so important to recognize that a journey is never linear and all the small steps are important to lead to a big difference!

With it, for yourself or someone you love, here are some gifts that can serve as stepping stones for a more sustainable lifestyle.

woman cleaning glass bowl with soap cake and hand brush

1. Solid Dish Soap Cake with Hand Brush - Clean and Green

Did you know that regular soaps are made up as much as 70-90% water? That means you're paying mostly for water rather than the active ingredients itself and that's what make solid dish soaps much better value for your wallet. 

This also means instead of shrinking down about 3 bottles of that liquid soap to one single bar, it takes up a ton of shipping space and generates more CO2 than needed!

That's why for our starters, I think the soap cake is absolute treasure since it takes little to use. Just wet your brush, brush a little into the soap tin and scrub away! It's concentrated and will cut through all the grease and grime with no problem.

Thanks to the tin, you won't need a soap dish but if you'd like to go a bit more traditional, the soap bar and bricks are waiting for you. 

There are always a ton of other bundles that might check off what you're looking for better if this doesn't quite suit you.

2. Zero Waste Sets

From small to extra extra large, find our zero waste sets that especially cover those bigger budgets. They have huge range and if you're trying to knock off all those sustainable swaps, these are where you'll find them without needed to browse and put together a set yourself.

zero waste set

Best Gifts for Eco Enthusiasts

Those dedicated who truly understand the importance of sustainability, can be found in every corner of the world and they know what to look for for those eco-friendly swaps for their lifestyle.

They're the ones who look for products that align with their values, and they prefer items that not only serve their needs but also minimize harm to our planet.

1. Give them Swedish Sponge Cloths (or more of)

Eco enthusiasts know the drill – it's all about sustainability. Swedish sponge cloths are eco-friendly, super absorbent, and come in a range of earth-loving designs.

They're practically art for your kitchen and it wouldn't be surprise if they had some already. Like most things, they do eventually return to the earth and grabbing them some can help them keep up with their swap.


2. Solid Dish Soap Bricks - Handcrafted in Vancouver

Just like scented candles, our soaps also run out eventually and with essential oil scented soap bricks, you'll have them picking it over those Bath and Body works candles as a gift. Of course, if scents is a concern, unscented bricks are options that you can find as well!

Handmade in Vancouver with Lydia and the rest of the team, these bricks cover 5 bottles instead of the usual 3 in the bars. Making it all the more valuable.

Lydia holding a soap brick

 3. Pop up Sponges - Popping up in seconds like magic!

Also another staple in the kitchen, these plant-based compostable sponges are a swap for those yellow and green sponges we grew up with. Soft efficient scrubbers, they overall so much fun and can add to their stock of sustainable essentials.

Best Gifts for Home Cooks

Any chefs in the house? The heart of any home is the kitchen, and for those who adore cooking, the kitchen is their sanctuary. These culinary connoisseurs appreciate not only the taste of their creations but also the environment in which they cook.

That's where we take joy in; creating kitchen essentials that are not only functional but also beautiful and eco-conscious.

1. All about those Soaps! - Kitchen Art

Our solid dish soaps bars and bricks aren't just practical – they're much more decorative and aesthetic pleasing kitchen essentials. Giving them a warmth no plastic bottle could give. 

As a cook, cleaning all those dishes and grime that builds can get tedious. It makes it all the more important to have the right soap for the job and while someone might think a concentrated bar wouldn't tackle it like liquid, you're in for a treat when you see these perform. Who knew cleaning could be so stylish and much better?

To keep up with those styles, it doesn't hurt throwing in a natural stain remover for those unavoidable stains!

Stain Remover Block

2. Brushes - Scrub a dub dub (but not in the tub, the sink!)

With all the scrubbing, how else would you get those dirty baking pans cleaned? Especially when there's caked on food, pulling out a pot scrubber does the trick with its stiffer sisal bristles after a good proper soak. Other brushes like a regular sisal dish brush is best for all those cleaning instances otherwise.

Fun Fact: It's refillable and comes with a free refill! Making it last as much as a year long in just one go since you reuse that handle for as long as it can last before needing replacement.

Even when you do eventually wear these out, you can give it another job in the house like cleaning the floors or the bath tub. Be sure to know which brush goes where so that you don't mix up a job for something else!

3. Organic Bags - For all their ingredient grocery shopping needs

As cities eliminate the use of single plastics, it begs the question: how would we carry that produce?

Of course, you could go ahead and carry it bagless but it's not the most protective for those groceries (and with all these prices lately, you'll want to protect those more!).

That's where organic mesh and muslin bags can jump in to carry those groceries or even just help with the storage in the fridge. The cool part is they do have that tare label to make sure you aren't charged for the bag so it's ready to go.

Psst! These also double as a great gift wrap so you're making sure they get two different uses.

Soaps stacked ontop of each other

Best Gifts for Dog Parents

Our four-legged friends hold a special place in our hearts, and for dog parents, the bond is immeasurable. Choosing gifts for them means considering the well-being of both the pup and the owner so it makes those ingredients all the more important to look into. That's where these plant-based gifts come in:

Dog Parent Bundle - Pamper the Pooch and the Parent

Treat the dog parent in your life to a  including a dog shampoo bar, shampoo and conditioner bar (for the human) and a mini dedodorant stick. It's a thoughtful and practical gift for both the fur baby and their parent. 

baby with a plantish pop up sponge in his mouth

Best Gifts for the Little Ones - Pop up Sponges

As children grow, they learn through play and observation. What better way to introduce them to eco-consciousness and maybe a bit of housework than through fun and engaging gifts? 

Pop up Sponges are exactly what you think they do - they pop up in seconds when you add them to water!

Let them be amazed and play with it as a sensory toy with supervision or give them a go at trying more big kid cleanings. Since it's 100% plant-based, free of those toxic chemicals and materials, it is safe if they manage to get a little bite in.

I mean, look at how cute they are with these sponges? The mom of the little guy above let us know he couldn't help biting into to soothe his teething because of how soft it is and while we don't recommend it, it's still so adorable.

Make cleaning an adventure for the little ones with colorful pop-up sponges. They'll have a blast while lending a hand in the kitchen and there's all sorts of cute animals, fruits and more to pick from.

Best Gifts for Self-Care & Wellness

Self-care is essential for maintaining balance and well-being in our fast-paced lives. It's about taking a moment to nurture our minds and bodies, and there's no better time to prioritize self-care than during the holiday season.

Here are some natural, wholesome self-care products that soothe the soul and promote holistic wellness:

Bath Bombs

 1. Bath Bombs - Enjoy a Guilt-Free Spa Day at Home

Treat yourself or a loved one to a spa day at home with a bath bomb. These luxurious treats create a soothing bath experience that promotes relaxation and wellness.

Each handmade with all active ingredients and no unnecessary additives but depending on which one you choose will give you an indulgent experience for your senses.

To find what suits them (or you) best, you might find a set all the more worth it to try them all or to use on different occasions. For example, the Wind Down with its lavendar scent and other plant-based ingredients give you exactly what it's called - the right wind down for relaxing sore muscles and joints after a long day.

Lavendar has multiple benefits and that just one of the few to choose from!

2. Self-Care Bundles

Bundles can be a game-changer on your journey to a more eco-friendly and self-caring lifestyle.

These sets are a holistic approach to self-care, enhancing your skincare routine and promoting overall well-being. 

From dry brushing to exfoliating with konjac sponges and a handmade 3-in-1 soap bar, you can find bundles that suit theirs (or yours!) best.

Wooden Diffusers

3. Wooden Diffusers - Aromatherapy Goodness

Continue to enjoy those refreshing essential oils with a natural diffuser without the plastic toxins of the electric ones. Thanks to the the walnut wood, these diffuse those oils naturally and are easy to take with you on the go.

Clip one into your car, dedicate one to your room or just have one on hand, there's three types to choose from but you can always choose them all!

Final Thoughts

So, this holiday season, as you go through all the sales and your gift-giving journey, consider the unique and eco-friendly options offered by us smaller, sustainable businesses.

By supporting them, you're not just giving presents; you're investing in a brighter, greener future.

Your gifts can be a reflection of your values, and these thoughtful choices are sure to make the season even more special for your loved ones.

Happy gifting!


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