Kitchen Cleaning Made Easy

Minimize waste in your kitchen today, reuse tomorrow. Ditch disposable cleaning tools and try these eco friendly swaps for your kitchen!

Our bamboo, sisal & palm based Kitchen Brushes are well loved for their durability, sturdiness, and scrubbing power! Pair them with any of our Solid Dish Soaps, made with simple ingredients including olive oil and coconut oil to effectively break down tough grease and stains.

Our Pop Up Sponges are made with 100% vegetable cellulose, making them plastic free and compostable.

NEW Endangered Species GCF x Plantish Pop Up Sponges now available!

Pure Bliss in Every Wash

Transform Dishwashing into a Serene Ritual, Leaving Your Dishes Gleaming and Your Senses Delighted.

"I love these bamboo dish brushes, I’m so glad there’s an ethical and practical solution to everyday sponges and these brushes are very sturdy and get touch grime off as well."

- desireemarieguzman12