Swedish Tea Towel

Made with a blend of OEKO-TEX certified linen and cotton, our unique lemon patterned Swedish Tea Towel is the perfect eco friendly kitchen alternative to disposable cleaning paper towels!

It is the perfect addition to your variety of eco friendly kitchen cleaning tools and can have more creative uses such as kitchen decor, gift wrap, or food cover.

Available for purchase with our XL Orange Dry Mat, Orange Swedish Sponge Cloth, Orange Pop Up Sponge and Stain Remover Stick – all the citrus patterned eco friendly cleaning essentials to minimize waste in your kitchen!

Swedish Sponge Cloth Sensation

Elevate Your Cleanup Game with Sustainable Style!

"The quality is excellent! The item was exactly as shown in the picture. The item was simply beautiful and perfect for my needs."

- Padmaja Krishnan