How Natural Soap Bars Are Made

Making soap at home is both rewarding and a lot of work. Here's everything you'll need to know before you buy or even make your on soap bars, including tips on how we make our own!

8 Ways To Make Your Home More Eco-friendly For The Holidays

The holidays are a great time to reflect on the year past and set goals for the coming one. What better way to start off the new year than by making your home more eco-friendly? Here are 8 easy ways that you can make your home more sustainable this holiday season!

How much should I spend on gifts while being sustainable? A Guide On Sustainable Gifting

Gifting costs us more than just money during the holidays and adding in trying to be sustainable, it can be a much bigger toll on you than you think about. Here's 11 ways to approach your holiday shopping that can make it a little easier.

Moments of Guilty Pleasure

For the first time in years, Lydia was able to go on vacation and to Thailand nonetheless! And while she shares a bit of her experience she had in Krabi that were unforgettable, there were also the things that we unfortunately find in nature or on the go more often than not.

3 Easy Eco-Friendly Swaps for Your Oral Care Routine

We all got our daily bathroom routines with oral care but switching it up and making our bathrooms eco-friendlier is much easier than you think. Here's 3 easy swaps you'll want to try!

Earth Hour 2022 and What You Can Do

You may have heard about turning your lights off for an hour once every year, but do you know the meaning behind it? How about the things you can do during that hour or even throughout the day?

Earth Hour has a lot more meaning behind why we turn off our lights and we’ve got some things you can do to make use of that time (or go beyond the hour).

Four Eco-Friendly Tools for the Sustainable Gardener

Spring is just around the corner and to help build your eco-friendly gardening arsenal, we’ve listed a few useful tools you may want to consider!

Putting Together a Green Home - Lisa Walker

Interested in going green? Here's how you can start changing up your lifestyle to be more ecofriendly and how buying a green home makes a difference.


5 Last Minute Zero Waste Halloween Costumes

Did you know that the biggest carbon footprint from Halloween comes from producing costumes? Here's a few tips and 5 DIY costumes you can consider making instead of buying a new one.

Product Review: Coconut Bottle Brush - Is it Worth it?

Don't know where or how to start making swaps in the kitchen? Check out this product review by Julia on our popular all-in-one cleaning brush, the Coconut Bottle Brush, to give you ideas.

All Natural Laundry Stain Remover - Put to the Test

Whether it be an accidental coffee spill on your shirt to red wine on your favourite furniture, a few spills are a part of life. There's no way around it but we can help you for when they happen with Plantish's Laundry Stain Remover.

10 Zero Waste Grocery Shopping Tips (That Save You Money...)

We all have to do groceries and they just continue to get more expensive. Here are some tips and tricks to help you shop better, save more, and reduce waste.


10 Fun Facts about Loofahs

Wondering what Loofahs are and why they're so popular? Discover 10 fun facts about Loofahs that'll make you see this eco-friendly product in a new light.

All About Loofahs

Loofahs (also spelt luffas) are perhaps one of nature's best skincare secrets. Find out about what they are, the benefits of using them, and more.

The Waste From Disposable Cotton Rounds

Cleaning up your beauty routine can be a daunting task but every little step helps. Start yours by saying bye to single-use cotton rounds.