Produce Bags

Shop our assortment of eco friendly reusable grocery bags, available in a variety of unique sets, convenient for your weekly grocery errands!

Our Multi-pocket Tote Bag is designed with 6 pockets to maximize storage space to carry any fragile items without worries! Made with organic cotton and quality stitching, our multipurpose tote is sure to last longer than other bags. Now available in blue!

For smaller and miscellaneous items, try our Set of 2 Organic Mesh Bags that comes with a drawstring to keep all your belongings secure. You can also use these mesh bags to wash delicate clothing in your washing machine to prevent ripped seams!

These bags are perfect for a trip to the grocery store and the metal toggle is such a nice plastic-free touch!

- Abbey Lutz

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Affordable and Practical Eco-Friendly Storage Solutions for a Plastic-Free Lifestyle!