7 Reasons Why this is the Best Portable Essential Oil Diffuser

7 Reasons Why this is the Best Portable Essential Oil Diffuser

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Essential oil diffusers are becoming much more common, not only to create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere in spaces with our favourite scents but to even get the benefits of aromatherapy. Whether you use them to help you relax, boost your energy levels or improve your mood, there's no denying that they offer a range of benefits. 

However, when we're on the go, it can be challenging to use essential oils without the proper equipment or plug-ins. That's where wooden diffusers for cars come in and how you can enjoy carrying all the scents you love wherever you travel.


Reap the benefits 

If you're looking for a high-quality, convenient and sustainable option for your essential oil needs, a wooden diffuser might be a perfect choice. Wooden diffusers offer several benefits over plastic diffusers, including eco-friendliness, convenience, durability, authenticity, and aesthetics. 

In this list, we'll explore each of these benefits in more detail, so you can make an informed decision when choosing your next diffuser:

Three different types of wooden diffusers on a white table

1. Eco-friendly and sustainable: Wooden diffusers that are FSC Certified and 100% natural wood materials can be easily recycled or composted, reducing the impact on the environment. In contrast, plastic diffusers are often made from non-biodegradable materials that produce plastic waste and typically need electricity. 

2. No water, no humidity: Unlike plastic diffusers, wooden diffusers do not require water to function, which makes them less messy and more convenient to use. Additionally, water-based diffusers can be prone to mould growth, affecting the quality of the fragrance and even causing health problems. With a wooden diffuser, you don't have to worry about any of these issues

Especially if you live somewhere more humid and are worried about adding too much moisture into your spaces, these are the best replacement for those popular mist diffusers that use water.

Person plugging in a plug into a power bar

3. No plugging in necessary: No electricity is necessary with these oil diffusers! Even compared to diffuser reeds that require being lit by a flame, these diffusers just need you to drop your favourite oil on it and let it do its magic. All without tangled cords or tripping hazards.

4. More durable and long-lasting: Wooden diffusers are made with high-quality materials designed to withstand wear and tear. They are less likely to crack or break compared to plastic diffusers, which can save you money in the long run.

5. Provide a more authentic and natural experience: Plastic diffusers have a tendency to dilute the fragrance. The natural absorbent properties of wood make them highly effective at retaining everything from your essential oils, giving you a more authentic, intense and longer-lasting aroma. Thus enhancing the overall relaxation and therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy. 

Flower wooden diffusers soaked with essential oils on car dashboard

6. Aesthetically pleasing: Wooden diffusers are often more aesthetically pleasing compared to plastic ones. The natural and warm tones of wood can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room or space. Some wooden diffusers also come in unique and beautiful designs that can serve as decorative pieces. 

 7. They can go wherever you are: These diffusers aren’t limited to cars. They can follow you into your home and wherever else you may be. Pocketable and ready to use right away with little setup required.

Coming in many shapes and sizes, including a cute flower reminiscent of a sakura flower (also known as cherry blossoms) that are beautiful additions to your daily routine and we're sure you can find the right style for you.

Why a diffuser for you car?

If you drive, then there's a likelihood that you've tried the many different types of air fresheners out there to find the perfect fit and haven't found one that satisfies what you really need. This is exactly why we think it's worth giving a clip on wooden diffuser a try and get rid of all those chemical fragrances.

Air freshener tree hanging on car rearview mirror

A common air freshener tree found hanging on rearview mirrors of many cars

Many of those car air fresheners like those plastic vent clip on products or even those popular Little Tree ones that dangle off our rear view mirrors carry some hidden risks when using them. According to a study by the Environmental Working Group, most of the fragrances we'll find in cosmetics and body care alone contain phthalates. This is commonly used to extend the life of the fragrance and you can easily enjoy scents without them.

Using a essential oil based diffuser allows you to take control and switch your scents to match what you're feeling like for the day. You won't be losing out as these diffusers work the best in small spaces. These alone are way better for your health and provide their own benefits every time you use them but make sure you do some research on which oil type works best for you and your situation.

How to use an essential oil diffuser

There are multiple types of essential oils you can use such as mint which can help energize you, lavender for its calming effects and orange for promoting clarity. Whichever you decide to use, it just takes 3 simple steps to use a wooden diffuser:

  1. Choose a location: Find the best location to place your wooden diffuser. It's important to choose a flat and stable surface unless you can clip it into your car vent.
  2. Add essential oils: Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil directly to the top of the diffuser. 
  3. Enjoy: Sit back, relax, and enjoy the aroma. Depending on the number of drops you added, the scent should last at least a few hours.

When you’re done, just make sure to wipe any excess essential oils that may remain from the diffuser with a clean cloth and store them in a cool dry place. To make sure the diffuser lasts you for months to come, keep it away from water to prevent cracking.


Get the best out of your essential oils

Choosing a wooden diffuser over any plastic one or the other options is easy when there are so many benefits that can cover all the negative experiences you may have had in the past. When it comes to portability and simplicity alone, it’s hassle-free and saves you money and electricity in the long run. If you want a seamless and sustainable experience with your essential oils, going natural with a wooden diffuser is the best you’ll get out of any space you’ll travel in.


Want to give it a try? Check out this diffuser that can easily clip into your car and go wherever you are



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    Thank you for highlighting the benefits of this portable essential oil diffuser. I love how it’s not only convenient to carry around but also provides long-lasting diffusion. It’s a must-have for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of essential oils on the go.

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