All About Loofahs

All About Loofahs

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Loofahs (also spelt luffas) are perhaps one of nature's best skin care secrets. It is essentially a plant with tough fibres that are used to create all types of sponges, especially exfoliating sponges that gently remove dead skin without irritating the skin. Continue reading to learn more about them. 


What are Loofahs? 

Loofahs are popular bathroom and shower accessories used for cleaning and exfoliating your skin. 

How are Traditional Loofahs Made? 

Traditional loofahs are made from synthetic materials like plastic that are gathered into looped mesh sections to form them into the fluffy balls that you see. 

These traditional bath poufs are outdated with most of them getting tossed after a short useful life and then sitting in the landfill for years beyond that. Many plastic products also end up in our water streams as microfibres from the plastic can leak down our shower drains. 

What can I use instead of a plastic loofah? 

Your answer: Natural Loofah Shower Pad 

How are Natural Loofahs Made?

Unlike bath poufs, natural loofahs are made with natural rather than plastic and other harmful synthetic materials. Natural loofahs originate from a tropical plant, one that looks like a big cucumber called luffa aegyptiaca. Loofah is a vine-grown member of the pumpkin, squash and gourd family, Cucurbitaceae. Many often refer to it as the "sponge gourd" or an "Egyptian cucumber" rather than its scientific name. 

Not your typical garden vegetable, loofah grows slowly and matures well into autumn. It requires lots of sunshine, hot summer temperatures, adequate water and well-drained soil. In the right conditions, it can grow as long as 30 ft. When ready, growers break off the mature fruit's outer shell by slamming it on a hard surface or by crushing it with a heavy tool. Once finished, peeling reveals a spongy fibre, which is what you see. 

Please watch the below video, from Insider for more information about growing natural loofahs: 


Benefits of Using Natural Loofahs 

There are many different benefits of choosing to use natural loofahs. 

Natural loofahs are: 

  • Made from natural ingredients and plant fibres rather than plastic and synthetic materials 
  • 100% compostable and biodegradable so they won't end up in the landfill 
  • Excellent exfoliating tool for your body to remove dry or dead skin 
  • A natural solution to dry skin and rough spots 
  • Affordable, sustainable, multi-functional and effective 

Why Natural Loofahs Make a Great Substitute for Plastic Loofahs 

When comparing natural loofahs with plastic loofahs, the most distinct difference is the materials used. For many, the fact that natural ingredients are used to make them that are better for you and the environment, everyone is intrigued to make the switch. 

Natural loofahs are also stronger than traditional sponges, making them a better option for exfoliation. They're also very easy to clean and can get added to your compost bin right when it starts to wear and tear. All-natural alternatives tend to last just as long, or longer than traditional bath poufs. 

How do You Sanitize a Loofah? 

To keep your loofah clean, hang to dry after every use. Since bathrooms aren't ideal for air drying, you might need to open a window or turn on a fan for air circulation. Experts suggest replacing your shower loofah every month. If it starts to smell, you can boil the sponge in clean water to sanitize it. 

Getting Eco-Friendly with Plantish 

Natural loofahs are an excellent alternative to traditional skincare products. It's time to leave behind your plastic body poufs and welcome in the new natural loofah shower pad. Other options to consider are Plantish's soap bag and dry body brush

Soap Bag 


Our soap saver is an all-natural sisal fibre bag that provides excellent grip to gently exfoliate your skin. The agave sisalana plant product is stronger and more durable than other natural fibres. It can act as a scrubber to:

  • Remove dry or dead skin 
  • Reduce blemishes 
  • Remove acne and blackheads 
  • Promote blood circulation 

Dry Body Brush 


Our dry body brush is great for dry skin brushing which will leave your skin feeling smoother, rejuvenated and the appearance of cellulite may reduce. It can act as a scrubber to: 

  • Relieve itches 
  • Exfoliate dead skin 
  • Stimulate circulations 

Ready to Give it a Try? Get Yours Today! 



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