The Waste From Disposable Cotton Rounds: Is Convenience Worth It?

The Waste From Disposable Cotton Rounds: Is Convenience Worth It?

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I'll be the first to admit that I enjoy some convenience in life. I mean some days are really hard and so if something can make it easier, why not? But the price of convenience is usually the environment, as easy and convenience doesn't always mean biodegradable or waste-free. 

It's finally the end of day. You're home from a very long work day and you can't wait to unwind and begin your evening with a long hot shower; it's time to remove your makeup. Personally, I don't think about what's building up my trash bin but in reality, it's all single use cotton rounds.

Cleaning up your beauty routine can be a daunting task but every little step helps - start by saying bye to single use cotton rounds. 


  1. Why Single Use Cotton is Bad 
  2. A Journey to Zero Waste 
  3. Product Reviews 

Why Single Use Cotton Is Bad? 

You might not realize it, but all those single use makeup remover wipes, cotton rounds and cotton swabs add up to one BIG problem. According to World Wildlife Funds (WWF), it can take up to 20,000 litres of water to produce 1 kg of cotton.

Conventional cotton production practices involves substantial fertilizers and pesticides. Pesticides threaten the quality of soil and water, as well as the health of biodiversity in and downstream from the fields. 

    A Journey to Zero Waste

     They may be a part of our daily lives and are great at helping us remover our makeup, but environmentally speaking, single use cotton rounds are bad news.

    I recently made the switch to Plantish's Reusable Cotton Rounds, which offers a practical, affordable and eco-friendly alternative that is absolutely better for the environment and I'm never going back to single-use cotton pads. 

    When making the switch, you'll want to think about how many would be the perfect amount to have. If you use 4 pads a day, wash roughly every 3 days, then you'll want to get the 16-pack set. But, if you only use 2 pads a day and wash daily, you'll want to get the 4-8 pack set. 

    That's not all, you'll also want a little bag to protect them in the machine. That is why Plantish's Mesh Bags are the perfect pair to go with our Reusable Cotton Rounds. 

    Alternative Uses 

    When you have so many cotton rounds, what else can you use them for? There are plenty of things: 

    • Remove makeup
    • Apply toner 
    • Apply lotion 
    • Remove nail polish (although colour may be permanent) 

    Customers Product Reviews 

    Not convinced yet? Look at what other people are saying: 



    Do your part by investing in reusable cotton rounds today! 








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