Kraft Paper Tape

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Kraft Paper Tape

$9.50 CAD

This water-activated gummed paper tape made of kraft paper and cornstarch-based adhesive is an excellent eco-friendly alternative to sellotapes or scotch tapes.

Compared to plastic ones, our tapes are easy to use without the use of scissors, dispensers or teeth and offer a better degree of closure, sealing and protection with a very strong resistance to tears, making it the perfect glue for transit.

It is completely natural, 100% biodegradable/compostable, plastic-free, and eco-responsible.

Dimensions: 4.8 cm X 45 m or 1.89 inch X 49.21 yards


  • strong and durable: forms a strong, long-lasting bond
  • easy to use: easy to tear and attach
  • eco-Friendly: 100% recyclable and biodegradable
1. tear a length of tape you need
2. use a sponge to wet the adhesive side of the tape
3. tape to opening of the box to seal
  • being 100% plastic-free and compostable, these tapes can be recycled along with the box they are stuck to
  • other kraft tapes like hot melt kraft tape uses hot melt adhesive which is often made of thermoplastic hence not always eco-friendly
  • when water-activated gum tapes completely dry off, they have strong resistance to moisture and humidity

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Studies have found that many of our liquid dish soaps contain chemicals that are toxic to our wildlife, especially the aquatic community. Not to mention the plastic and excess water, making the switch to a plant-based bar is both better for our environment and your wallet!

No testing on animals here! We test our products with family and friends only. And sometimes farther in the process, our community gets to sample them before they release.


Queer, BIPOC and Woman-owned

"From production to packaging, we intentionally explore low-impact, plant-based materials that perform better than plastic. Being makers ourselves, we also work with other makers here in Canada & US to develop zero-waste products

Through trial and error, we establish best practices of using, caring and disposing of the products to share with our community"

-Lydia Li, Founder

Customer Reviews

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Jessie H.
Very impressed with the non-toxic food sta...

Very impressed with the non-toxic food starch glue, which is so unique. Nice thickness to the Kraft paper tape too. So glad to have found this good quality product.

Rebecca S.
Works great! Thanks you!

Works great! Thanks you!

Siri P.
Works great! So happy with it

Works great! So happy with it

Kristen C.
I am new to composting, which is now a law...

I am new to composting, which is now a law in my state. I often wrap food scraps and compost materials in newspaper, but it's hard to keep the paper from coming apart when it's dropped into my large residential bin. I bought this tape to secure the newspaper wrapping. Works like a charm and I love that it is TRULY compostable!

Eve T.
Haven't used this yet, but the roll is HUG...

Haven't used this yet, but the roll is HUGE, which I'm very glad about. Excited to use this for crafting and shipping packages :)