Shower Space Savers: How Soap Dishes Maximize Storage in Your Bathroom

Shower Space Savers: How Soap Dishes Maximize Storage in Your Bathroom

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The bathroom is often one of the smallest spaces in a home, and yet it somehow needs to cover holding all the essentials in our daily routines. Making storage a challenge, especially in smaller bathrooms with cluttered showers that can make it frustrating when trying to find your soap bar. The solution? Something simple that will not only keep your shower area organized but also maximize your storage and counter spaces in your houses or apartments: soap dishes.


Getting organized: Tidying up your shower 

Say goodbye to slippery, soggy soap bars and hello to a tidy and organized shower area. Soap dishes, also known as soap trays, give you a designated spot for your soap bar, preventing it from slipping and sliding around, creating a mess on your shower floor. With a soap dish, your soap bar stays in place, making it easily accessible and saving you the hassle of searching for it during your shower routine. No more bending down or reaching awkwardly to retrieve a dropped soap bar. Plus, with a soap dish, your soap bar can dry properly between uses, extending its lifespan and saving you money in the long run.

Shampoo and conditioner bars placed on a dual-layer bamboo soap dish, on a bathroom counter

Depending on the design of the soap dish, you can also use it to store other small items, such as razors, loofahs, or even other bars like shampoos or conditioners. It's like having an extra shelf in your shower without taking up any additional space. This clever use of a soap dish helps declutter your shower caddy, keeps your shower floor clear, and allows you to have everything you need within arm's reach during your shower. 

Cleaner ledges, longer lifespans

One of the often-overlooked benefits of using soap dishes is their role in preserving your soap and keeping your shower ledges clean. Soap bars that are left sitting on wet surfaces can quickly become soggy and mushy, leading to a lot of the bars going to waste and a shorter lifespan. Leaving these surface areas unkept can also lead to mildew or even mold. By giving them a dedicated spot after you wash up and exfoliate, these soap holders in showers allow for proper drainage and airflow around the bars, giving them to dry thoroughly between uses. Helping preserve the shape and texture of the soap, thus utilizing the most out of each bar.

A bars on a diatomite self-drying soap dish on a bathtub ledge

Soap dishes are also super key to keeping your shower ledges clean and free from soap residue. When soap bars are left directly on surfaces, they can leave behind a soapy residue that can be difficult to clean. With the dishes, they can elevate the soap off the ledge, preventing direct contact and minimizing the chances of residue buildup or direct water draining into the tub instead. This makes it easier to maintain a clean and hygienic shower environment, while also reducing the need for frequent scrubbing and wiping of surfaces. If they even have two layers like a dual-layer bamboo soap dish, you don’t even have to worry about the draining since it collects the soapy water for you.

The different soap dishes you can try

When it comes to soap dishes, there are a variety of options to choose from, catering to different styles and preferences. To get the best of both worlds of eco-friendly and durable, there are two soap dishes that come to mind:

Dual-layer bamboo soap dish


Bamboo soap dishes are a fantastic choice. They’re sustainable and add a touch of style to your bathroom decor with their natural wood grains. Lightweight, durable, and naturally water resistant, it’s no wonder they’re gaining popularity in other household products. Such as hair brushes and even a cornstarch dental floss case.

Self-drying soap dish made of diatomiteDiatomite

If more neutral elegance is what you're after, a self-drying soap dish made of diatomite can complement any bathroom aesthetic. This diatomite dish in particular has drainage holes with pathways on the bottom to direct any liquids toward your bathtubs or sinks. Draining the liquid where you want it to go rather than spread it all over those ledges and bathroom sink counters. It also wicks away the water from the bar with ease due to its absorbency.

With so many benefits over traditional plastic soap trays and how they still look amazing while doing their jobs, it is almost no-brainers to give either of these a try.

Nourishing shampoo and conditioner bars on a dual-layer bamboo soap dish next to a bouquet of roses

Maximize your bathroom storage

Don't settle for disorganized shower spaces and counters when you can have a streamlined and efficient setup in place with the help of soap dishes. The possible combinations are almost endless to make the most of your bathroom spaces. From preventing soap bar mishaps to decluttering your shower area, soap dishes are the unsung heroes that transform your shower routine. So, bid farewell to shower chaos and welcome the shower space saviours—soap dishes—to your bathroom. Get ready to experience the real dream routine with a more organized, functional, and stress-free shower experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the best out of your bathroom routine!



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