Zero Waste Laundry Strips

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Zero Waste Laundry Strips

$20.89 CAD

Make doing your laundry sustainable with our Zero Waste Detergent Sheets! Not only are they a waste-free, hypoallergenic alternative to the conventional liquid laundry detergents and pods, it's also vegan and plastic-free — meaning they can deliver similar stain-fighting results while being gentler towards you and the planet.

These laundry sheets are a must-have for a convenient, eco-friendly, and effective cleaning routine. Our laundry sheets, shipped in zero waste, compostable, and plastic-free packaging, are super thin for easy storage in a box or jar that fits in with your laundry room decor.

1 plastic-free paper strip = 1 load

1 full sheet = 2 loads

  • concentrated cleaning power: derived from 100% natural materials, Decyl Glucoside, has cleaning power on par if not better than the conventional laundry detergent.
  • hypoallergenic and gentle for sensitive skin: Unlike liquid detergents or detergent pods, our detergent strips are completely natural, vegan, paraben-free, and gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.
  • no measuring, no mess, no plastic: no more sticky measuring cups or spills. 1 plastic-free detergent strip = 1 load, just like detergent pods but better.
  • ravel-friendly: No need to worry about spillage or crossing airport security checks. It has never been easier to be able to bring laundry detergent with you.
  • save space and the planet: No more ugly, bulky containers in your laundry room
  • Decyl Glucoside - surfactant derived from coconut
  • Polyvinyl Alcohol - biodegradable supporting matrix
  • Glycerin - textural additives
  • De-ionized Water - solvent
  • Coconut Oil - surfactant
  1. remove and detach 1 strip
  2. place strip directly into your washer
  3. add dirty clothes
  4. start washing

*1 sheet (2 strips) = 2 loads*

  • not for consumption
  • paraben-free, phthalate-free & phosphate-free
  • free of synthetic fragrances, optical brighteners & dyes
  • hypoallergenic & palm-oil free

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    Studies have found that many of our liquid dish soaps contain chemicals that are toxic to our wildlife, especially the aquatic community. Not to mention the plastic and excess water, making the switch to a plant-based bar is both better for our environment and your wallet!

    No testing on animals here! We test our products with family and friends only. And sometimes farther in the process, our community gets to sample them before they release.


    Queer, BIPOC and Woman-owned

    "From production to packaging, we intentionally explore low-impact, plant-based materials that perform better than plastic. Being makers ourselves, we also work with other makers here in Canada & US to develop zero-waste products

    Through trial and error, we establish best practices of using, caring and disposing of the products to share with our community"

    -Lydia Li, Founder

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Rachel G.
    This is my second time ordering the laundr...

    This is my second time ordering the laundry sheets. My whole family uses them now, and think they work well.

    Yolanda K.
    My second purchase of these laundry sheets...

    My second purchase of these laundry sheets. Cleans my laundry and love that I'm not exposed to harsh chemicals.

    Yolanda K.
    These laundry sheets are great and you're...

    These laundry sheets are great and you're helping the planet.

    Karen B.
    Works great. Simple packaging. Truly zero...

    Works great. Simple packaging. Truly zero waste. I like these bigger laundry strips.

    Heather H.
    I have been using laundry strips for awhil...

    I have been using laundry strips for awhile and love them. The Plantish version is larger so may work better on full loads. I recommend this product to anyone looking for a plastic-free, waste-free and effective laundry detergent.