Pet Grooming Set

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Pet Grooming Set

$62.50 CAD

This grooming set provides all the essentials needed for a complete relaxing and stress free pet care. Each tool serves important functions to make your pets love and enjoy grooming at home.

Start by untangling fur with the comb, as its rounded teeth smooth knots without pulling or hurting your pet. Check nails and gently file as needed with the stainless steel pet clippers and file. Brighten smiles by inserting the flexible toothbrush finger cot brush to clean teeth and massage gums. When it's bath time, lather the rich unscented organic pet shampoo bar onto the coat using the pet bath brush.

Suitable for all pet sizes

100% Natural, chemical free formula for our Pet Shampoo Bar

High-quality PVC and BPA-free Silicone with no harmful chemical materials that minimize stress for a relaxing grooming experience


  • 3 pet comb (1S, 1M, 1L)
  • 1 pet nail clipper
  • 1 nail file
  • 1 pet toothbrush finger cot
  • 1 pet bath brush
  • 1 dog shampoo bar
  • pet comb: rounded steel teeth untangle fur without pain or pull
  • pet nail clipper & file: precise, safely autoclavable and easy-grip handle to avoid unwanted accidents
  • toothbrush finger cot: flexible finger cot and head reaches hard to reach areas; cleans teeth, massages gums, tongue, and removes plaque gently
  • pet brush: soft rubber bristles clean without scratching, easy grip handle, gentle on fur and skin while lifting dirt
  • pet shampoo bar: 100% natural: no phthalates, parabens, sulfates, petroleum, synthetic fragrances, perfumes, or synthetic dyes

saponified coconut oil (sodium cocoate) - makes a bubbly soap that helps retain moisture and prevents dry, itchy skin.

olive oil (olea europaea oil) - conditions, smooths, and detangles for a shiny natural coat.

neem oil (melia azadirachta seed oil) - repels fleas, ticks, and other small biting insects treats a variety of skin ailments as well as aids in a healthy, shiny coat.

argan oil (argania spinosa kernel oil) - moisturizes your pup's skin and hair keeping their coat soft, smooth, and stylized.

  1. begin by detangling your pet's coat with the appropriately sized pet comb. Gently work through any knots or mats in the fur
  2. check your pet's nails with the nail clippers. Trim as needed while holding their paw steady
  3. use the pet nail file to file any rough nail edges
  4. to clean teeth, slide the finger cot from the pet toothbrush onto your finger. Brush the teeth, gums, and tongue to remove plaque
  5. when bathing, lather the pet shampoo bar across the coat
  6. use the pet bath brush to massage the shampoo in and lift away dirt
  7. thoroughly rinse all the shampoo from the coat under running water. Gently towel dry or let the coat air dry fully

Regular cleaning keeps them in peak condition for your pet's grooming needs.

  • rinse the comb under water and air dry completely after use to remove fur and debris
  • apply a small amount of oil to the clipper blades after each trim and wipe clean with a cloth
  • wash the finger cot after each use and replace every 3 months if needed
  • wash the pet brush occasionally in mild soap and water then lay flat to air dry fully between uses
  • store the shampoo bar in a soap dish between uses to maintain its integrity

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Studies have found that many of our liquid dish soaps contain chemicals that are toxic to our wildlife, especially the aquatic community. Not to mention the plastic and excess water, making the switch to a plant-based bar is both better for our environment and your wallet!

No testing on animals here! We test our products with family and friends only. And sometimes farther in the process, our community gets to sample them before they release.


Queer, BIPOC and Woman-owned

"From production to packaging, we intentionally explore low-impact, plant-based materials that perform better than plastic. Being makers ourselves, we also work with other makers here in Canada & US to develop zero-waste products

Through trial and error, we establish best practices of using, caring and disposing of the products to share with our community"

-Lydia Li, Founder

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