How to Choose Between Grocery Bags

How to Choose Between Grocery Bags

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At checkout, you're asked, "would you like a bag?" Then you're debating "'should I say yes or should I just carry everything with my hands?'" Whatever your answer is, you probably have your reasons. Maybe you wanted to get a bag so you can reuse it in your household for garbage bins or maybe you didn't want to pay the extra 5 cents.

There is an easy simple solution to your problem - reusable organic produce bags

Now, reusable organic produce bags seem like an economical and eco-friendly choice. But you're probably wondering "How do I choose between all the different types and materials of bags out there?" Well, I've compiled some tips on how to do just that. 

No matter what you chose, they are all: 

  • organic cotton: grown without pesticides, better for the environment and the human body
  • quick-drying: no more wet smell from plastic bags 
  • multi-purpose: use it for storage at home, traveling, or laundry 
  • durable and economical: lasts longer than plastic and petroleum-based fabric


  1. Types of Materials 
  2. Organic Cotton Muslin Bag 
  3. Organic Cotton Mesh Bag
  4. Organic Net Tote Bag 
  5. Multi-Pocket Tote Bag 

Types of Materials 

There are so many different types of materials and styles of grocery bags to choose from but here are the most popular ones: 

  1. plastic 
  2. nylon 
  3. jute 
  4. cotton
  5. mesh 
  6. muslin 

You may have your go to bag but let me introduce to you some of our favourites that can change your life too ! 

Organic Cotton Muslin Bag



We designed the perfect bundles for your everyday needs with the Organic Cotton Muslin Bag! Each mesh market bag or muslin bag is secured by a metal piece with a drawstring, making it 100% plastic-free.  

As a multi-purpose and eco-friendly storage solution, the muslin bag can store all the fresh groceries you can imagine - fruits, veggies, seeds & grains, even baked goods! Using these cotton muslin bags can protect small items such as seeds and grains. It doesn't stop there... this bag can also be used as a cheesecloth for milk purposes. Like making cheese or homemade milk? The muslin bag is PERFECT for this. No need for other substitutes like kitchen towels, coffee filters, or paper towels.

Organic Cotton Mesh Bags 

Our Set of 3 Cotton Mesh Bags are a great way to put fruits and veggies during your grocery trips. No plastic components (metal toggle!), 100% plastic-free. This organic grocery tote bag replaces the need to use flimsy and toxic plastic bags as multi-purpose and eco-friendly storage solutions. It comes with a drawstring and a metal toggle to keep little items safe and secure. 

Not only can you use these for groceries but can also use them for laundry purposes, placing intimate clothing like your undergarments quickly in the washing machine, separating your delicates with everything else. 

Organic Net Tote Bag


Planning on buying fruits that are too big and heavy for your traditional grocery bag? Well, consider our Organic Net Tote Bag. With its amazing elasticity, the mesh produce bag can not only extend to fit big-sized goods easily (like watermelons or pumpkins) but it's also super aesthetic for beach trips, weekend getaways, or picnics! 

1 bag holds up to 40 lbs and is machine washable. 

Multi-Pocket Tote Bag 


 This Multi-Pocket Tote Bag is the all-in-one you've been looking for! No more broken jars, eggs, or smooshed bread. With side panels, pockets, and empty room, your groceries will be stored safely and securely in the organic canvas tote bag. 

This reusable grocery bag features: 

  • 6 large pockets 

You'll be able to store bananas, glass items, and any other fragile items without the fear of breakage or items becoming ruined.  

    There, that's it! Next time you're at a grocery store or the farmer's market, you wouldn't be in a dilemma. You can simply pull out your eco grocery bags to help you out. 

    Feel convinced yet? 


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      I would like to purchase only the large size mesh and/or muslin bags. Is there that option? I would be willing to purchase 3-6 if that made it possible. Thank you.

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