5 Last Minute Zero Waste Halloween Costumes

5 Last Minute Zero Waste Halloween Costumes

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 This Halloween, consider making yourself a DIY costume instead of going out and purchasing one that's made unsustainably or unethically.

Did you know that the biggest carbon footprint from Halloween comes from the millions of poor quality, fast fashion costumes that are mass-produced every year? Most are made from unsustainable materials such as polyester and conventional cotton and are manufactured in countries that have poor labour standards. 

The most sustainable Halloween costume is the one you already have! So look at what's in your closet or ask friends and families if you can borrow a costume or reuse the same costume every year. 

If you're stuck on choosing a costume, below are some last minute DIY costumes you can make with items that you can find around your household. Let's jump right in! 


  1. Scarecrow 
  2. Athlete 
  3. Ice Cream Cone 
  4. Tourist 
  5. Mime


1. Scarecrow 

One of the classics. All you need to complete the look are: 

  • Flannel Shirt 
  • Overalls or Jeans 
  • Straw Hat [Optional]
  • Booties 
  • Eyeliner to draw stitches 

2. Athlete 

If you're a sports fan, you'll have all the gear to dress up like an athlete. Grab your: 

  • Jersey or Highschool Sports Uniform 
  • Medal [Optional] 
  • Sports Equipment 
  • Converse or Sneakers 

3. Ice Cream Cone 

For all of the ice cream lovers out there, this one is for you! What you need to complete this look: 

  • White Dress 
  • Colourful Construction Paper 
  • Brown Construction Paper for the Hat 
  • Headband 
  • Tape 

4. Tourist 

Love travelling the world? Here's your chance to see the world, hahaha. Here's what you need: 

  • T-Shirt 
  • Shorts 
  • Camera or Binoculars 
  • Paper Map [Optional]
  • Passport [Optional] 
  • Hat

5. Mime

For the silence film lovers, I got one just for you! Here's what you need to complete this mime look: 

  • Striped Shirt - white and black or any dark colour one 
  • Black Jeans 
  • Black Suspenders 
  • White Garden Gloves 
  • Black Beanie 
  • Black Eyeliner for makeup 
  • Red Lipstick 

* Keep in mind that some of these items can be thrifted or borrowed

If you're a Halloween lover concerned about the holiday's impacts, listen to this: Spooky season can still be your favourite holiday, just with a few eco-friendly adjustments. Consider swapping costumes with your friends and families, up-cycle and restyle outfits into new looks every season. Rather than buying costumes, you can invest in higher quality costumes and decorations by making them yourself with things that you already have. 

Happy Spooky Season, everyone! 


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