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Zero Waste Cleaning Set - Everything Kit

$109.00 CAD

Starting a zero waste journey?

This everything kit has all the plant-based tools, that will make every mundane kitchen task a breeze! It also makes a wonderful everyday gift for friends and families who are switching to a low waste lifestyle, or someone that enjoys cooking.


  • super versatile dish soap: it pairs perfectly with natural loofah sponge, bamboo cloths & wooden brushes and is also a powerful stain remover for any fabric stains
  • durable, dual layer soap dish: a perfect fit for our soap bars, it ensures your soap bars & counters stay dry and surfaces clean from soap residue
  • plant-based tools: aesthetically designed, plant-based tools to make mundane kitchen activities a breeze

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Plantish only ships to USA and Canada right now; however, we hope to ship internationally in the future.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Amybetker H.
The items in this box are very good qualit...

The items in this box are very good quality! The only things I wish were better would be that the soap brick fit into the soap dish properly — it was slightly too big, so it sits kind of crooked. Not a big deal really, just would be nicer if it fit! Also, would really, really love if the soap dish had something on the bottom, like rubber stoppers or something, to keep it from sliding around on my countertop when I'm trying to get soap on the scrub brush. Those two little things would have made this perfect!! Otherwise though, I am super impressed by how great all of the products in this box are, and the soap works really well! I will definitely buy from this shop again, and recommend it to others.

Rebecca G.
After a problem with Canada Post, Lydia, k...

After a problem with Canada Post, Lydia, kept in contact about progress and this arrived beautifully and packaged as minimally as possible, which I appreciate! Next to nothing to recycle. Amazing products, customer service, and shop!

Melissa B.
Amazing quality! Love it! Thank you so muc...

Amazing quality! Love it! Thank you so much! 😄

Chase G.
After failing to find unscented bulk dish...

After failing to find unscented bulk dish soap in the grocery store, I spent some time looking for it on the internet, which lead me to soap bars, and eventually to this site. I made a leap of faith and bought their full bundle -- a set of brushes, the soap brick, and some wash cloths. But, I was really after the soap.

I was concerned about how well the soap would do against fats/oils. In fact, it is better than I had hoped. I will keep some dove soap under the sink in the event that something needs a serious soak, but for the most part I don't expect to need it.

The other products are also high quality. I am glad I got the brushes, and don't regret them as an impulse buy. On the whole, this will significantly reduce the plastic waste from my kitchen. If you are similarly motivated, then these products will do the trick.

Josy J.
Bought it as a gift and my friend loved it...

Bought it as a gift and my friend loved it!