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Loofah Shower Pad

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$7.00 CAD

These natural loofahs create gentle friction, perfect for shedding dead skin cells and increasing localized blood flow and circulation, effectively tackling dull-looking skin.

Our Loofah Shower Pad is an eco-friendly, plastic-free swap for your everyday exfoliating needs. Compared to traditional plastic shower puff or body polisher, it can be easily reused and disinfected by boiling it in clean water. Our Loofah Shower Pad is also more gentle than raw loofah and comes with a loop to be hang-dried.

Simply soak them in water to soften, and lather up with your favourite soap bar or shower gel.


  • natural plant: made from 100% loofah (luffa) plant
  • anti-bacterial & easy to clean: compared to plastic, loofah is anti-bacterial and can be easily disinfected by boiling in water
  • extend soap life: lathers well while releasing the aroma of soap, not only makes soap less harsh on our skin but also last longer
  • exfoliating: act as a scrubber for exfoliating your body, remove dry or dead skin, reduce blemishes, remove acne and blackheads, promote blood circulation, leaving your skin invigorated and more receptive to lotions and moisturizers
  • scrub soap on the soap pad to lather up foam to use on the body
  • for best result, follow up immediately with hydrating lotion or moisturizer e.g., natural oils like coconut oil
  • hang after use and allow to air dry between uses
  • replace once a month or when it starts to smell, boil in clean water to sanitize¬†
  1. cut the loofah and cotton part into small pieces before composting to avoid getting caught in the compost machine
  2. throw the enclosed white sponge into garbage bin

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Deborah L.
Great item. Gets the job done.

Great item. Gets the job done.

Christa T.
These loofahs are great for exfoliating &...

These loofahs are great for exfoliating & I like that they are soft cotton on the other side with a strap. It is also nice that there is a loop for hanging.

Kim B.
great product and excellent customer servi...

great product and excellent customer service

Celine M.H.

I haven’t received my order yet

Stacey K.P.
I really like these as a replacement for m...

I really like these as a replacement for my previous plastic loofah. It's a nice exfoliating scrub too.